Nué Notes

Launched in 2007 by the owner of the exclusive shop Nué. 

The brand started as just a small luxurious womens wear leather collection, but as the company continued to increase in popularity, they have now taken the collection even further with a wider range of styles and accessories in the finest leather, and also tops, jackets and dresses, for everyday use, in luxurious and natural materials like silk, wool and cotton.


The brand nué notes quickly established a name among the high end stores in Denmark and the quality and fashion conscious consumer. It seems as if the style of the two girls has become many girls favorite choice. The spirit of nué notes is a holistic approach to fashion clothing from the essential to the inspiring, something to dress the whole you, from home- and worklife to partying. What brings nué notes to life is your own personality and individuality.

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nue notes